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Try it On Again with Double Scoop!

Scoops to up your Cup

Because a little goes a long way!

Double Scoop 360

Up your Cup with Double Scoop

Fabulous results! Double Scoop inserts are a boob job in a box! Up your bra size by a cup or more. Stunning Cleavage. Great for Swim, Weddings, Girl's Night out, The best Amazon Find that's great for sports bras, Dresses, lingerie, and so much more

Instant Cleavage for swimsuits, bathing suits, yoga tops,cocktail, date night outfits. Its the Instant boob Job you've been waiting for. Great from Pool to party to swim to night club. Be red carpet ready with beautiful curves that are more comforatable than chicken cutlets, silicone get, body tape or nipple covers

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Variety of Flavors!

Our "Inserts with an Attitude" come in a variety of Fashion Flavors. Mix and match your mood or outfit. Wear them with intention and let your colors show!

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Customer Reviews

Instant WOW!

  • Perfect for an Extra Lift!

    I actually really like these inserts more than I thought I would. They are not sticky, you just insert them into the bra or swimsuit that you're wearing. These would also be great for anything that has those built-in bras. The most comfortable way to wear these is to really get the padded part under your boob, that's also how to really get that lift.

    Kirsten United States
  • Perfect!

    Was looking for something for my wedding dress as it’s just too big up top and little options for alterations. Love these! They were perfect! Very soft fabric and comfy to wear. Wide enough to support me. Super easy to just sew into my dress. Helped me fill out my dress perfectly. Thank you!

    Becky United States
  • Brilliant Product

    I am really surprised! It makes a big difference wearing it because of the shape and the thickness of the padding! The cup is big enough to lift and give volume both in the same time! I am wearing inside of a regular bra ( one that comes with thin padding) and I am planning to use it also for a evening dress ( a bonus is that the padding comes with some adhesive strips).

    Gia United Kingdom


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Where do I position my Double Scoop® inserts?

The optimal Double Scoop® position depends on YOU, and the look you are after.  For more lift, you may want to place your Double Scoop insert more below your breast.  For more cleavage, then a bit more to the outside, so that your breasts are pushed together.   Adjust as you like.  When in position,  you may want to secure the insert with Double Scoop® Double Stick Fashion Tape.

Which Style – The Triangle or The Original - should I use?

It depends on what you are wearing.  The Original works great with most tops. In fact, our bikini model on this website (see swimwear), is wearing our original Double Scoop® shape, even though she has a halter–type bikini.   However, many customers prefer the triangle for Halter/Triangle shaped tops.  The Triangle will shield your breast a bit more (great for cold water!), while The Original has a bit more padding than The Triangle. Why not get both?

Do Double Scoop™ bra inserts help with sagging?

Sometimes it feels like the weight of the world is right where we don’t want it. Ever since “Are you There God, it’s Me Margaret” we’ve been working on our bust size, but we’re not all teenagers. Life Happens –pregnancy, nursing, running around – gravity happens, and Double Scoop® has an insert for that (we’re working on the app ; ).

My Bra/Swimsuit has padding insert pocket, can I use Double Scoop™ there?

Absolutely! In fact, we designed the original to replace inserts that often come with bras and swimsuit tops.  (We thought they were just a bit too wimpy, or they would get lost or even disintegrate with all that chlorine) They also work great with Athletic Tops too. 

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