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The Triangle style is anything but square!  

Double Scoop triangles work great for halter shaped dresses and tops.  Adding extra lift, as well as nipple coverage, the cover the front of your breast, while also providing extra support from below.  Double Scoop brings you the fun shapewear insert helps move the girls together, add volume, and enhance cleavage.

You are already stunning, yet a little lift can helps with a whole new attitude that let's you light up the shore.  Whether you're twalking down the aisle, or down the beach, Double Scoop original can add up to cup size more, but that's nothing compared to the way you'll feel.

Triangle-Shaped Bra Pad Inserts for any Swimwear, Bikini Top, Sports Bra, Dress, or Lingerie top. Provides Nippies coverage. Our original size is recommended for smaller breast sizes AA, A/B, C and D cups. Replace those flimsy pads. No more saggy tops! This enhancer holds its' shape and is Lightweight, easy to use, and water-friendly - full nipple cover with no heavy, embarrassing silicone gel. Make your bust line bigger and look more shapely without breast augmentation. Our original size will fit into the built-in insert pocket of triangle bathing suit tops or athletic tops, although the pocket is not necessary to hold insert in place. Easy to Sew-In if need be. Every package includes a pair of Scoops and 20 Double Stick Fashion Tape strips. Our "Inserts with an Attitude" come in a variety of Fashion Flavors. Mix and match your mood or outfit. Wear them with intention and let your colors show! Try it on again with Double Scoop.



  • Removable Padded bra inserts for small breasts to look bigger!  Nude color and no underwire.  Buy for under $20.  Adds a demi cup size!