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Where do I position my Double Scoop™ inserts?

The optimal Double Scoop™ position depends on YOU, and the look you are after.  For more lift, you may want to place your Double Scoop insert more below your breast.  For more cleavage, then a bit more to the outside, so that your breasts are pushed together.   Adjust as you like.  When in position,  you may want to secure the insert with Double Scoop™  Double Stick Fashion Tape.



Which Style – The Triangle or The Original - should I use?

It depends on what you are wearing.  The Original works great with most tops. In fact, our bikini model on this website (see swimwear), is wearing our original Double Scoop™ shape, even though she has a halter–type bikini.   However, many customers prefer the triangle for Halter/Triangle shaped tops.  The Triangle will shield your breast a bit more (great for cold water!), while The Original has a bit more padding than The Triangle.    Why not get both?



Do Double Scoop™ bra inserts help with sagging?

Sometimes it feels like the weight of the world is right where we don’t want it.   Ever since “Are you There God, it’s Me Margaret” we’ve been working on our bust size, but we’re not all teenagers. Life Happens –pregnancy, nursing, running around – gravity happens, and Double Scoop™ has an insert for that (we’re working on the app ; )  ).


My Bra/Swimsuit has padding insert pocket, can I use Double Scoop™ there?

Absolutely! In fact, we designed the original to replace inserts that often come with bras and swimsuit tops.  (We thought they were just a bit too wimpy, or they would get lost or even disintegrate with all that chlorine)  They also work great with Athletic Tops too. 

bra-insert-v2.jpg double-scoop-sport-bra.jpg




How do I use Double Scoop™ Double Stick Tape?

You can use Double Scoop™ Double Stick Tape to secure your insert to your clothing OR to your skin.  We design our tape so that it’s easy to open.  For best results, secure one side of the tape first to your insert, then place the Double Scoop™ insert where you would like and press. Simple.  For bathing suits, it’s best to use a pocket, or use the tape if you are not going in the water (and just want to strut your stuff along the shore.


What about Nipple Coverage?

Double Scoop™ works great at covering nipples, and even smoothing out and filling in saggy bras that may not fit quite like you remember them.


Does Double Scoop™ work with push up bras?

Go big or go home – that’s our motto too! Double-Scoop works with all kinds of bras. It's all about the look you want.


What are Double Scoop ™ inserts made of?

We don’t like how cold and heavy silicone “chicken cutlets” are.  Double Scoop™ inserts are light, and foam, and quick to dry.  And, on a personal note, they look a lot more intentional with their fun colors, than do those clear jelly fish that could fall out, at how shall we say, an in inopportune moment.


What’s up with all the Double Scoop ™ colors?          

We call them “flavors”.  The way we see it, you don’t have just one color in your closet, why the same with your Shapewear. You can either match, or go for the contrast.  These days, bra straps show, even g-strings, so adding a little color to the situation adds the fun, and the intention.  Besides, it’s a lot easier to explain then the silicone jellyfish.


Can Double Scoop™ be used in Wedding Dresses or Costumes?

They sure can! In fact, our French Vanilla “flavor” is a lovely insert that can be sewn in to your Wedding dress.  Double Scoop is also a great addition to any Costume.  They can be sewn in, but even using a hot glue gun for costumes can work(professional dancers have used this trick!).


Can Double Scoops get wet?

Yup, they are great in the water, and fast drying. Hand wash, or wash as you would your fine lingerie.



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