The Perfect Wedding Hack

The Perfect Wedding Hack

7th Mar 2017

Wedding Day Boob Hack

You glide down the aisle -- beautiful, perfect, beaming a smile that comes from within. You have your dream dress on, a heart full of love, and now, a little secret very close to your heart..Lightweight foam push up pad inserts are the perfect match to your cleavage enhancing needs. Curves are sexy and baby, you look AMAZING.

There are a lot of boob hacks out there from taping,to contouring,wearing multiple bras- but there are downsides to all of those. Taping will be crazy hard, not to mention painful on your wedding night. As for contouring - do you really want all that make up right near that gorgeous dress? As for multiple bra’s -- that’s just crazy. Your wedding night should not be an obstacle course challenge. You want something fun, flattering, and easy to wear.

Your Double Scoops are the finishing touch to make your decolletage look exquisite, your cleavage fabulous and even your waist look just a wee bit smaller (it’s all a matter of proportion).

Lightweight padded bra inserts are the perfect Wedding Hack for pretty much any kind of dress, including Bustier, Corsets, and Halters. No matter what your shape or cup size, you can place, tape or sew in these great, lightweight push up pads that will help you look as fabulous as you feel. What the heck - perfect bridesmaids gifts too - they will love them, especially for the bachelorette party. You may find will find the mother-of -the-bride may want a pair too!

Why - because when you look good, you feel good and vice versa - and why not look and feel your best. We’re not saying it’s all about the outside curves, but it IS about how great you feel when you wear them. Double Scoop padded push ups are much lighter than silicone inserts and bra gels, and won’t get all sweaty and slimy when you are dancing the night away. Our sizes range for cups A through 36DD and beyond - Plus Size bra’s no problem, A cups - we got you covered. For both the Wedding and the Honeymoon - bra inserts work great in bathing suits and pool side too.