The Beach and You

The Beach and You

Posted by Double Scoop on 1st Aug 2015

That first walk on the beach in a swimsuit is not for the faint of heart. Hopefully those sit-ups, those weeks of  being able to overcome ice cream cravings, and avoiding bread have paid off and you can walk on that soft sand with confidence, head held high and shoulders back.

But if you are like me, well, then will power maybe didn't work so well, and that fresh bread sure tasted great. That's when I reach for my Double Scoops.  Not only do I get that extra bit of OOPH in the chest area, but the optical ilusion of my stomach looking just a bit flatter, makes me feel as if I did maybe a sit up or two -- even though the only sitting up I did was to get a better view of the TV.

But now we are on the beach, and with a scoop on each side I AM feeling better, I am walking with a bit more confidence, and if that water is cold, no one is going to be able to tell by looking at me, because they are only seeing the curves I want them to see.

But the other secret I've got, is that no matter what what kind of shape I am in or not in, it's when I walk on that beach with confidence, owning it, that I KNOW i look like  a million bucks.  That is the beauty that comes from -- within.  Whatever size my curves are, they are MY curves. I am just helping them a bit, but it's all me.   Bikini's tops, halter tops, one piece - I've got a scoop for that.

But most of all, I've got heart.  Enjoy your summer -  Solstice is almost here!