Summer's over but the "Heat" continues.....

Summer's over but the "Heat" continues.....

Posted by Double Scoop on 8th Sep 2015

I looked down,but somehow, I was not achieving the curvy look I was after.

I needed a little more UMPH for my dress- to make my wilty B's into bombshell C's.  And so, I found myself seeking bra inserts to enhance my cleavage and hopefully make my belly look a little less. I needed an instant boob-job, without paying the big bucks for one (not to mention the recovery time and the surgery).

Unfortunately, I didn't find what was looking for right away - just heavy silicone chicken cutlets that were far too pricey, not to mention made me feel like I was trying to smuggle two jellyfish in my bra. But that experience started me using what has become a wardrobe staple: lightweight,padded foam push up inserts -- in short - Double Scoops.

The results are amazing- anytime I am putting together an outfit that needs a bit more "Pop" - for a date, a night out with friends, a cocktail party - bra inserts help my shoulders go back a bit more, my chin go up, and I feel like I am looking great, and just maybe, even turning a head or too. I know that I am far more than just my cleavage, but my attitude gets enhanced too, and am feeling good inside and out. 

I never considered wearing a bra insert, until i found myself piecing a costume together - basically a sequined covered bikini - for the local solstice celebration. Interestingly enough, I now find myself using Double Scoops as as a wardrobe staple.  Sometimes its for cleavage, sometimes it's for nipple coverage. Either way, I can celebrate the curves of my femininity.