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How to Use Bra Inserts

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So, here is how to wear bra inserts:

  1. With any outfit, including athletic wear, swimsuits, cocktail dresses.  Don't just save them for a special occasion
  2. Some bras, including sport bras, have pockets and flimsy little foam things.  Get rid of those and go big, or replace your old ones, or finally level off those bras that are missing just one
  3. If you are not using pockets, place your inserts inside your bra, to the side to bring the girls together for some cleavage action, or right underneath to pump up the volume. The thickest part goes on the lower side, so that you have a bit of a shelf that your breasts can rest on.
  4. Position with Double Scoop double-sided fashion and lingerie tape, if you'd like, but feel free to use without the tape as well.
  5. I find that bending over or repositioning your breast on the insert, helps to get just the look you are after.
  6. You can use Double Scoop inserts in pool or at the beach. They are water-friendly,but you may need to give it a bit of a subtle squeeze if you are in the water for a prolonged period of time.
  7. Now, go out there and hold your shoulders back and love what mamma gave you!  You look amazing!

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