How to Dance like a Star....

Posted by D.Scoop on 15th Sep 2015

I looked over at my friend in dance class - somewhat objectively speaking, I'm thinner, in better shape, can do the moves.... but MAN, she looks so good - so cute

How does she do it?

She's not alone either. How many times do you come across someone, not the most beautiful, not the funniest, not the best dressed, but her charisma, her attitude, her everything just lights up the room

So many times, I meticulously try and get the perfect outfit together, have my hair coiffed just right, and look forward to stunning the world -- and pfst...nothing, a fizzle, not a sizzle. Other times, my messy ponytail and last minute tshirt gets all sorts of praises that I wasn't even after.  I realize now the difference.  it's not what I was wearing, it's what I had inside that made the difference

When I try to hard, it brings out an awkwardness, a  fakeness, that gets broadcast. Its when I am not trying, that the real me comes out.  Ironically wearing my Double Scoops helps with that -- it can be a simple t-shirt or a last minute something I threw on.  Im pretty sure I look good,but it's more about how I feel- a little sexier, a little cuter.  Heck, even a little skinnier, as my breasts have that much more UMPH out over my belly.   All that transforms me. Yes, may it may seem slightly superficial,but its still all me -- comfortable and at ease.

Let's be honest - as women,while we may not always care what we look like, we do care,and when we bring out A game,just look out.  The A-game, though, ultimately comes from the inside - so when we feel confident sexy and comfortable -- it shows

So that is how she does it -- she feels good about herself, she doesn't bemoan every ounce, she embraces it. She dances with her heart, not with her love handles, and you just want to join in the dance. When you dance with your heart, you dance in the stars