Baby It's Cold Outside!

11th Jan 2017

Baby it’s Cold Outside!

Picture this: Stepping in the door, stomping the snow off your heavy coat, unwrapping the scarf from around your neck, peeling of layer upon layer, and then finally, VaVOOM. You're right down to that glamorous cocktail dress and curves to die for. And they’YOUR curves. Your Cleavage!

"Did you loose weight? " A girlfriend asks. There's a reason that the hourglass looks so thin in the middle. Not only are you defying gravity, but you are defying cold as well. Baby,you look Hot! Winter Formals, Parties, Girl’s Night Out - there is always an occasion to make that dress, blouse, bustier even more sexy. Why should all the ‘fun’ be wasted on those Victoria Secret model - you can be a bombshell too.

Just because it's winter doesn’t mean a girl can't look her best when she goes out. Double Scoop helps add a bit of confidence to your step in a head held high -shoulders back kind of way. What's more, Double Scoop is made from a lightweight foam that feels great. It's not going to weigh you down. The Christmas Cookies did that already. It's the new year, and now its time for a new you! Double Scoop is also great in the winter because Bra Gels and Silicone bra inserts can get pretty cold, and again, the emphasis is on looking HOT. And, who doesn't need bright sexy colors in the winter too. Your lingerie is in a rainbow of colors why can't your bra inserts be too. You can mix and match or mix or match. It’s up to you to choose the breast enhancer that livens up those old saggy bras, turning them into push ups that do the trick. It’s like an instant boob job

Have a winter trip planned to somewhere warm? Don’t forget to pack your Scoops. They will take you from pool to party and look great in swimsuits and bathing suits, Bikini’s and Tankini’s and go great with Martini’s. Scoops come in triangle or original shape, so no matter what shape you need or what shape you are in, they look great with your outfit, and more importantly they help YOU look great in your outfit. Bra inserts and push up pads should be an essential part of your wardrobe every season

So don’t let that cold get you down. Keep the temp UP, keep the “girls’ up and keep things HOT. Valentine’s day is just around the corner, so this year, celebrate BIG.